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 Serving Washington State counties: Skagit, Whatcom, and North Snohomish as far south as Arlington. Also  Camano Island, Whidbey Island, and Tulalip.  

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Types Of Symptoms Repaired and that other technicians & shops have failed to successfully repair

Free Removal Of Unwanted Lawn Tractors

Broken Down Or Worn Out

(Some Models Excluded)

Will not start

Problems turning engine over with a fully charged battery


Engine intermittently dies

Engine dies with parking brake set

Not getting gas

Fuel system problems

Ignition problems

Keeps blowing fuses

Not charging battery

Lights not working

Burning oil

Leaky head gaskets

Oil leaks

Not cutting grass evenly

Leaves little piles of grass all over yard

Bagger not picking up grass

Lower chute keeps plugging up

Blades will not turn on

Blades will not stop turning when shut off

Vibrates when blades are turned on

Unusually noisy when blades are turned on

No drive to rear wheels

Additional noise when brake/clutch pedal is released

Belts shredding and breaking

Belts keep falling off of pulleys

Noisy bearings

Brakes do not stop tractor

Parking brake does not hold

Steering problems

Front wheels not aligned

Difficult steering or not steering correctly

Flat tires

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