When you contact us, the following information will be very helpful to us in identifying your particular piece of mowing equipment in the event we may be able to diagnose its problems and have the parts with us before we arrive at your place when possible:


Model Number

Serial Number

(The model and serial numbers can usually be found on a decal underneath the seat on some brands)

Service Requested (Tuneup, diagnostic, and/or repair)

Description of symptoms and/or part failure

     When possible, please have your lawn tractor out and ready for us to back up to it with our service vehicle.

      Please have a written list ready of any complaints that you have for us to work from that were not included in your email or text message to us.

      During our diagnostics, we will look your equipment over for any other possible problems or component failures that need attention, point them out to you, and explain why they need attention in easy to understand terms.

     It is not always possible to catch every problem until after the disassembly of some of the related components or something blocking the view is removed, which will be pointed out to you and an additional cost estimate provided for your approval if such a problem is later found.

      You will be provided with a cost estimate before any service and/or repairs are started. We will only service and/or repair what you give us authorization for. If we spot something that needs attention which will take only a few minutes to fix, we will take care of it for you at no additional charge.

      If we do not have the needed parts aboard our service vehicle, we will first try to locate them at a local source so that we can have your equipment up and running the same day before placing an order for them.

      After the repairs are made, we will test drive your equipment to make sure that everything is properly functioning as they should be.  We will then have you test drive it to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

Disclaimer: Depending on the amount of wear and tear on your equipment from the amount of use or abuse it has experienced, not everything can be made to function 100% or look as it did when it was brand new without additional expenses for the related replacement parts and labor, providing the parts are still available in the case of it being an older piece of equipment.

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